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Creating Community/City/Town videos are a great way to highlight your city to new residents, visitors and most importantly investors.  These videos give your community a beautiful highlight of everything the area has to offer and creates a gateway for potential businesses to invest jobs and resources into your community.

We start by creating a “Landing Page” for all your video resources, this page will link with your city website and direct visitors to the appraise location of the site for more information.  Depending on how many videos we create for you will determine how this site will be laid out.

We recommend about 6 to 10 videos to create a base for the visitors to watch what may interest them about the community.  The first video will be an intro video, “Welcome To Our Community” or “Discover Our City” video. This video will be the first promotion for the campaign and will be the basis of the videos to follow. The intro will be a cinematic storyteller look into the city’s experience that leads into an overview of what the community represents and can do for new residents, businesses and most importantly investors.

Some of the many other videos that we can create would be: Educational, RealEstate, Economic Development, Parks and Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Festivals & Events, History & Attractions, Healthcare, Industry, Small Business, Government Relations, and Agriculture videos.

These videos will be a promotion to engage new business to your area through a variety of call-to-actions. We will have a release plan that will give you the most exposure/SEO via the internet and in person sales. Our team will work with you on this plan by helping to ensure you have the correct form factor for your website, Youtube account, Vimeo account and Google search.   This video will be an emotional based sales platform that will give a clear and compelling reason for the viewer to take a closer look at the community.

We will work closely with your community to create a compelling video series that will help develop and enhance your city, town or county.  We will also help with helping you recruit already established business that may want to sponsor the project.   Contact us today to learn more.


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